For more than twenty years, Cooper Strategic has helped leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals accomplish what matters most to them and their organizations.

We are consultants, coaches, speakers, scientists, strategists, workshop leaders, researchers, and writers, sharing our unique tools and insights because it’s what we love to do. We originate and customize ultra-practical ways for leaders and teams to excel, innovate and set records year after year. We draw on a peak performance database with over one million leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and teams.

Founder and CEO Robert Cooper has been called “a national treasure” and “the ultimate business guru for the new millennium.” His books have sold more than four million copies.

He and the Cooper Strategic team have advised the world’s best companies, earned top accolades for quality, value, impact and lasting results from speaking engagements and workshops, and have coached executives to new heights of personal and organizational success.

In all contexts, our mission is to help our clients achieve record-setting results as a result of redefining what’s possible and then bringing that to life by making the smallest changes that will create the biggest difference.

Cooper Strategic seeks and shares insights at the intersection of how the brain works and what was “impossible” yesterday but is possible today for individuals, teams, and organizations.

We distill and present our best findings in purposefully brief e-books, customized coaching, and speaking engagements, training, and workshops.